Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Apache Camel / OSGI / Wicket (real example - tutorial part2)

I have finalized a first draft of the second part of my tutorial about Camel 2.0 / ServiceMix-Karaf / CXF / OSGI / Apache Wicket

The purpose of the second part was to explain how to design a simple project where different concepts like :
  • persistence (Hibernate/spring),
  • routing (Apache Camel 2.0),
  • mapping between CSV file and objects (using camel-bindy),
  • webservices (Apache CXF - OSGI),
  • osgi stuffs,
  • packaging and deployment on Apache Karaf/ServiceMix OSGI server (features, PAX url),
  • web application integration (Apache Wicket, PAX Web)
have been addressed.

The tutorial has been designed in 4 parts :

  • Part 2a : real example, architecture, project setup, database creation
  • Part 2b : transform projects in bundles
  • Part 2c : add infrastructure and routing
  • Part 2d : web and deployment

and is available here : http://cwiki.apache.org/CAMEL/tutorial-osgi-camel-part2.html

Don't hesitate to provide me your remarks/comments to improve it.


Unknown said...

The example does not work:
install -s mvn:org.apache.servicemix.bundles/org.apache.servicemix.bundles.dom4j/1.6_2-SNAPSHOT
could not be resolved

cmoulliard said...

It seems that the snapshot is not present for the moment on maven apache snapshot repository. You can build yourself (using maven) the bundle using the following address :

Attiq Ur Rehman said...

Its a great thing to learn from your tutorial. I like this tutorial because their are give different parts to understand this easily.
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Unknown said...

Thanks for the nice tutorial. I am starting a Wicket app at the moment in OSGI and your tutorial was definitely helpful for me.
Though I did run into some issues while setting it all up. I am using Springsource DM server and after 3 days of struggling I think I almost have it working. I will write a small blog with the issues that I had.

Have you tried DM server yet? Can you share your experience on that as well?

cmoulliard said...

Hi John,

Many thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, I haven't test it on Spring DM server. As ServiceMix / Karaf uses the Spring Dynamic Modules with Felix or Equinox, then I don't need to test another platform.

Anonymous said...

Just trying the latest code on https://github.com/cmoulliard/camel-osgi-servicemix-tutorial on Jan 2013 and almost runs other than openjpa issue of Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: There is no row for mapping "org.fusesource.devoxx.reportincident.model.Incident" in sequence table "OPENJPA_SEQUENCE_TABLE", and the attempt to insert a row has apparently failed. Anyone any ideas?