Friday, November 20, 2009

New features for Apache Camel Bindy (non XML binding framework)

Today has been a very productive day. I have found the time to update the documentation about the Apache Camel Tutorial on OSGI and commit the last new features added to camel-bindy : the non XML binding framework used to parse or generate CSV, FIX, ... messages

This new version of bindy includes important new features like :
- Required (@DataField) to check mandatory field
- Position (@DataField and @KeyValuePairField) when the CSV/FIX message to be generate contain fields which are placed at a different position then those used to parse it
- Section which allow to define the class containing by example the header, body or footer section


- OneToMany which allow to :

  • Read a FIX message containing repetitive groups (= group of tags/keys)
  • Generate a CSV with repetitive data
More info can be find here.

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