Friday, June 18, 2010

Parse / Format fixed length message with camel-bindy

Camel-bindy which is a data formatting tool to parse / format non XML message will be enriched in the next camel release 2.4. This new version will allow to work with Fixed Length message.

A Fixed Length message as its name mention it contains data positioned at a fixed position which is by far different from Comma Separate Value format where we use a separator.

So, you will be able able to model your message like that :

@FixedLengthRecord(length=60, paddingChar=' ')
public static class Order {

@DataField(pos = 1, length=2)
private int orderNr;

@DataField(pos = 3, length=2)
private String clientNr;

@DataField(pos = 5, length=9)
private String firstName;

@DataField(pos = 14, length=5, align="L")
private String lastName;

@DataField(pos = 19, length=4)
private String instrumentCode;

@DataField(pos = 23, length=10)
private String instrumentNumber;

@DataField(pos = 33, length=3)
private String orderType;

@DataField(pos = 36, length=5)
private String instrumentType;

@DataField(pos = 41, precision = 2, length=7)
private BigDecimal amount;

@DataField(pos = 48, length=3)
private String currency;

@DataField(pos = 51, length=10, pattern = "dd-MM-yyyy")
private Date orderDate;

to parse/format the following text :

"10A9 PaulineM ISINXD12345678BUYShare2500.45USD01-08-2009"

The tool allows to add 'padding' characters and to align "LEFT" or " RIGHT" the string in the field.

More info are available on the wiki web page of camel-bindy :

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